We meet every Tuesday evening at 6pm. E-mail Kathy for more details,
25th July 2020
Dear Allrunner,
Well, what a few months that has been. I hope you are all well and are getting used to the new normal.
There is some good news, we have finally been given the go ahead to run as a group again.
There are some new things that we need to do, so here we go:
Firstly we will be meeting outside in cascades carpark. Each group will be in a different corner of the carpark to enable you to stand 2 meters apart.
You will need to sign up to the group you want to run with on runtogether as numbers are limited to strictly 10 per group. We will be increasing this, but as we all get to know the new format, it will be easier in smaller groups. As part of the track and trace requirement, we will not be able to take people that are not signed up. I’ve set up 2 weeks of sessions under the new format and have cancelled some of the old runtogether runs. If you forget to sign up, and there is space left, you will be able to join the group as long as the leader can sign you in.
You will need to wash your hands before you arrive, and please do not turn up if you (or someone you live with) has a high temperature, a new, continuous cough, a loss or change to, your sence of smell or taste or are self isolating.
There are public toilets in the carpark which are free. We will not have access to the sea cadets hall so I suggest you go before you leave home!
You will need to carry your own keys, so invest in a small bum bag or even better, get a pair of shorts with a zipped pocket.
The run is still £2 per week, which will be collected after the run (so no money is left in car during the run).
We have 2 COVID officers who will be your main point of contact on anything COVID related. They are Linda Coxshall and Claire Beck.
The leaders will all be carrying hand sanitiser and a mask as part of their first aid pack. You may wish to bring your own mask but we are advised NOT to run with a mask on. It is not compulsory for you to have one.
If you have any questions on this, please do not hesitate to contact me.
We are so looking forward to seeing you back this week, and can’t wait to run with you again.
Take care
Kathy, Julia, Helen, Gemma, Linda & Claire

New runners are welcome any week, but would ideally be able to run 3 miles.

Here is the link to the run together site to book your runs;

“For 2020 we are introducing the idea of an Allrunners Champion or Champions.
The role of the Champion will be to talk to new runners on their first weeks to make them feel welcome, to talk to girls who are on their own, to help the leader if there is an issue during the group (this may be taking the girls back home whilst the leader walks with an injured runner).
You will need to be at the hall by 5.50pm, so a bit earlier than the 6pm start. You may not get to run in the group you normally run in. The number of leaders and runners on the day, and the groups they choose will determine which group needs supporting. If there are enough leaders, and the runners choose an even split between the groups, you may be able to run as normal, but this is not guaranteed. You will not be allocated a group outside your ability. On the plus side you will get to run for free.
If you’d like to have a go at this, I’ve set up another group on the run together app named Allrunners Champions. There are spaces for 2 champions to start with and are trialing it during February.
This is purely voluntary, you can always just come and run with the group. You can choose to be a Champion on one day and then never again if you don’t like it.” Kathy Lewis, Head Coach, Tewkesbury Allrunners

Tewkesbury AllRunners is a group for ladies of all shape and sizes, ages and abilities,  since 2009.

“Come and join our running group”.

Injured ? We usually have a recovery/walking group – same time & place 

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Tuesdays at 6pm rain or shine !

Hi girls.. we have been running over a bit recently and am conscious that some of you need to be back by 7.
As from this coming week the bell will be rang at 6pm, a quick update on who’s been racing

and other info you need to know and then off and running by 6.05..

Thanks for your understanding.

Sea Cadet Hut, Trinity Walk, Oldbury Road Tewkesbury, GL20 5NP                  

Park at Car Park of Cascades pool and walk past the church and take first alleyway on the left.  Or park around the back of the pool a bit more and take the alleyway in bottom corner to the hall.

Parking:  Car park of old Cascades swimming pool.

Running:  We run around the streets, lanes, parks and off-road around Tewkesbury.  Its only £2 per session, there is really nothing to lose apart from a few pounds!


Relaxed Red group – Total beginners jogging/walking on our 10 week course
Relaxed Red Improvers group – Runners returning around 2 miles  
Awesome Amber  group – Around 3 miles (pace 11-12 min per mile)
Green Goddesses group – Around 4 – 5 miles (pace 10-12 min per mile)
Ice Cool Blues – Around 3 – 6 miles (pace 8-9 min per mile)

Bonus:  Some weeks – we merge all the groups together for specific fun training session (hill relays / sprint relays / circuits)

group shot June 2014

AthleFit – Circuit style sessions are on Wednesdays at 9.30am till 10.15am – held inside at the Boys Brigade Hall, Ashchurch Road  and are suitable for all abilities.  This session will help strengthen your legs for running, help to keep you injury free, rid you of bingo wings and give you abs of steel!  Only £5 per class.

Our philosophy is to run for fun and fitness so we have ladies who are just starting out with the aim of being able to run 5K and those who are training for half marathons or even full marathons.  You can set your own goals and targets and Tewkesbury AllRunners will support you along the way.

 To inspire you to get your trainers on and run with us:

‘Calling yourself a ‘runner’ is based on nothing else but a love for running that leads to an active pursuit of running, regardless of run pace, run distances, weekly mileage totals, races, or even length of time running’

Run for Fitness and Fun