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What shoes do I need?

  • Running shoes are specific to running! Women’s feet differ from men’s and require an appropriate fit
  • Shoes have 2 main functions….cushioning and support
  • Feet differ! Take your trainers to your nearest specialist and get the right advice from the outset… you may save a lot of injury time
  • Once you know what type of shoes are right for you, look for the bargains
  • Remember their are lots of different types of shoes:  spikes, racers, road, trail, off-road, fell – speak to your nearest specialist to make sure you get the right shoes for the type of running that you will be doing most.
  • We recommend Gloucester Sports for shoes, as they will put you on their gait analysis machine for a quick jog (free of charge) and can assess your running foot plant, and use that information to find the right shoes for you.

    Remember you can get 10% discount as member of our Group, at Gloucester Sports.

  • glos-sports

Linda on the Gait Machine at Gloucester Sports!

What should I wear?

  • Ladies ensure you have a well supporting bra designed for running. (You don’t have to spend the earth, many stores have a good range at sensible prices and a good sports bra will be a good investment regardless of whether you get the running bug or not.)
  • Any comfortable loose fitting shorts, t-shirt or top will do until you spot the real gear beckoning from the sports rails ( Aldi do some cheap good stuff)
  • You could purchase one of our snazzy Tewkesbury Allrunners group kit:

£12 for technical t-shirts,

£11 for technical vests


£18 for Hoodie

£35 for technical windproof jackets

8,10,12,14,16,18,20, 22, 24 – speak to the Leaders

Click below to view and print our order form to be handed to a leader with the correct cash.

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