Kerry Newell

Ladies – on Tuesday 9th September we will be holding our annual Fish and Chip Run!  This is a FREE run – no need to bring £2. This will involve turning up as normal outside Cascades at 5.45pm – we will be starting a run at 6pm for all abilties […]

Fish & Chip Run!

On Sunday 25th May 2014 – a nervous bunch of ladies stood in the Tewkesbury Borough Council car park, waiting for loos, fixing on numbers and wondering why the heck they were there – and that someone was going to get it in the neck for pursuading them to do […]

Tewkesbury 10K & Half Marathon

MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS!   London Marathon 2014 was proudly DONE this year by Gemma Milisic and Mandy Holdsworth – Amazing running! We were glued to the screen all morning watching out for you both and then we had a full commentary from the BBC on how well Mandy has done!! Worcester […]

Marathon Women!

A Massive Congratulations to all our Beginners that started in January this year. We started with 23 lovely ladies, and finished handing out 21 free Tewkesbury Runner t-shirts to the ladies that ran 3 miles  on the 25th March.  Its so lovely to see our group expand and all the […]

Congratulations Red Runners