Tewkesbury 10K & Half Marathon

On Sunday 25th May 2014 – a nervous bunch of ladies stood in the Tewkesbury Borough Council car park, waiting for loos, fixing on numbers and wondering why the heck they were there – and that someone was going to get it in the neck for pursuading them to do so!

Congratulations to all those from our club who completed the 10k and the half marathon – heros!!

Results are here:



Comments from Runners

Well I’m feeling ecstatic. . Smashed my PB by 9.5 minutes!!!
My time 2 hrs 3 min!
And I swear all the support helped with that. Thank you so much to runners of 10k that stayed on after their race to cheer us half’s! The fab fb well wishing messages, lovely non racing ladies from the club that lined the streets, our club marahals & our leaders who were all pushing us on! I feel very privileged & touched to be part of such a fantastic group. Thank you!  xx


Comments from Coach Kathy:

To be honest I’m a bit emotional and it’s taken me a couple of days to appreciate the success of you girls this weekend. I am amazed at all the ladies who in early January came to the group, not having run at all. Then last weekend to see you all go by on the 10k was a real buzz. Not forgetting Becky who did the half marathon after running for just 15 weeks. Simply inspirational.

You should feel proud of yourselves.  I am honoured to start you on this journey, this is just the beginning.

Here’s to the next one………


Jenny smiling near the end and Jerry looking like she could do it all again!



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