South West Region, Run England Leader of the year

Our very own Kerry Newell received the well deserved title of

“South West Region, Run England Leader of the year”.


Kerry started ‘women only’ running groups in Cheltenham andTewkesbury to support and inspire those who wanted to try running. Now Tewkesbury Allrunners has a membership of over 300 with groups of up to 80 women meeting to run together as a result. Beginners courses bring in more runners every year. She is the catalyst for hundreds of women running at all levels in Gloucestershire. This year she has worked with Tewkesbury Athletics Club helping them to set up beginners courses for men and women.

Her work as a tutor for UK Athletics has spread her passion and knowledge, giving others the confidence to lead more runners.

Recently she helped bring Parkrun to Tewkesbury which encourages a wide range of people to take part in exercise for free. She gives up Saturday mornings to be Run-director.

Kerry also coaches junior runners at Gloucester Athletic Club where her professional approach has brought success. She is also planning a junior athletics club in Tewkesbury to offer similar opportunities.

She also offers running at Cranham Primary School as a ‘before school’ activity.

Her positive, inclusive approach inspires many people and gets the best out of everyone. She creates opportunities for all.

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