Storming Performances

Battling Storms Abigail and Barney just added to

the weekends excitement for Allrunners !!

Well done to all runners who got out there and pushed on,

Vicky Joanne raced at The Shakespeare Raceway,

Lesley, Rachael and Sue ran the Newent Nine;

lesl new 9 sue new


Jackie ran at Rhossili Bay The Endurancelife Gower Coastal Trail Half Marathon

"After much confusion the race did go ahead with Abigail blowing 
50 mile an hour winds and sheet rain. It was the hardest thing I've 
done but well worth it for the feeling of achievement.
There were 2,500 metres of ascents on the course, when running up trails 
the water was pouring down the them in streams and with the wind and heavy 
rain it was very challenging, of course this was a coastal trail and pretty 
hairy in places with some long drops. We ran along a bit of Rhossili beach and 
the dunes this was different as I have never ran along the beach before. On the 
top of the Rhossili downs it was very boggy and hard going exercising every muscle 
in my legs, these are very sore today, but I did it and feel brilliant but tired."

JB Rbay 2 JB Rbay 3 JB Rbay 4 JB Rbay

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