When shouldn’t I run? If you have any pain that continues or worsens as you run If you have a temperature If you are unusually tired Most early injury niggles resolve quickly without intervention with rest from running and a gentle stretch of the area, perhaps with a 10 minute […]

FAQ’s For Beginners

Your body works a lot like a car; it needs fuel to function effectively.Your muscle cells function similarly to a fuel tank, stored carbohydrates serve as a rapid source of fuel. Eat carbohydrate-rich foods prior to you workout to reduce the drain on your body’s stored energy. The most effective […]

10 Top Nutritional Tips

1. Slow down the ageing process 2. Better bones 3. Lower cholesterol 4. Brain power 5. Stabilises blood sugar 6. Lower blood pressure 7. Breathe more easily 8. Boosts cardiovascular health 9. Cancer protective 10. Enhances immune health

10 Reasons To Run!