FAQ’s For Beginners

When shouldn’t I run?

  • If you have any pain that continues or worsens as you run
  • If you have a temperature
  • If you are unusually tired
  • Most early injury niggles resolve quickly without intervention with rest from running and a gentle stretch of the area, perhaps with a 10 minute ice treatment 3 x a day over the first 72 hours, your group leader will be able to advise. Those that persist or worsen should be assessed by an appropriate professional … ideally a runner:- physiotherapist, sports therapist, osteopath etc. Your GP will be able to refer you to a professional if you don’t know of one.

I recommend Jim and Louie Insall for Sport Masseurs & Therapists:  Click for their website: http://www.insallsports.co.uk/


Is running bad for your joints?

  • There is no supporting evidence to suggest that running specifically is injurious to your joints but if you have a pre-existing condition then take your GP’s advice before starting a running programme.
  • Running is so adaptable in terms of effort, pace, surfaces and distance that many people will find they can still participate.

Do I need to do anything before or after I run?


Warm up…

  • before you put in any effort.
  • Walk, jog, skip, circle arms, feel your heart rate increase and your body temperature rise. If you are planning to run quickly then use some short quicker strides at the end of your warm up. Be prepared for what you intend to do


  • after you run.
  • Stretch the main muscles you used in your session.
  • Again Kerry and Kathy will offer all the right stretches and mobility.


  • Running needs fuel. Don’t expect to run well on an empty tank.
  • Regular meals based around good carbohydrate foods like pasta, rice, potato, fruit and veg.
  • Fish and lean meats.
  • Ensure you have a snack about an hour before exercise; a piece of fruit, a yoghurt, a cereal bar, some dried fruit for example

Rest and Recover…

  • Between sessions you will gain most benefit from your training effort if you recover well. The body adapts to the new stress you have introduced when it has a chance to rest. You will then reap the reward of training and not the demoralisation of injury


How do I find out about events and races?

  • Check our Events page for more details
  • Your group leader and other members
  • On-line running events sites
  • Your local specialist running retailer – Gloucester Sports or Up & Running in Cheltenham
  • You can also find many more on-line and in running magazines or Today’s Runner
  • Word of mouth from your running friends will give you a good idea if the event is suitable for you … if they did it, you can!
  • Events can be fun and social; many are low key or charity events. They give you a chance to work a bit harder if you want to and may whet your appetite for more!


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